We’re all brilliant at something. And I want to work with brilliant people who help unlock the brilliance in everyone around them. I’m a great storyteller. But I’m brilliant at creating high-level assets to help bring those stories to life.
Recognising my own brilliance came when I learnt not to be afraid of failure. Failure is an essential part of the creation process, and once I was able to embrace failure, my work shone through.
Doing something right the wrong way isn’t right at all. Failure is part of the innovation journey, and it allows us to learn to do the right things righter. And I bring this philosophy to my creative travels.
We all work in high-pressure environments with deadlines coming at us from all directions. Innovation, finding a better, righter way of doing things can help to ease this pressure. It doesn’t matter if I’ve been working on corporate re-branding activities or delivering events - it’s always possible to push the boundaries of innovation.
I’ve managed digital and social media platforms during my career, delivered UK and international communication campaigns to thousands of people, and worked closely with clients and design agencies. But every success has been a result of the lessons I learned from the times that I failed.
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