I'm not afraid to fail. Something I shouldn't be admitting to? Maybe. But failure is an important part of the creation process.
We all work in high pressure environments with deadlines coming at us from all directions. This is why I've learnt to innovate and find ways to ease the pressure. It doesn't matter if I've been working on corporate re-branding activity or helping to deliver a high-level presentation or tender response - the boundaries can always be pushed.
I learnt a long time ago that doing something wrong the right way, isn't really right at all. The innovation journey allows us to fail so that we can learn to do the right things righter. And I bring this philosophy to my own creative journeys.
Yes, I've managed digital and social media platforms, delivered UK-wide communication campaigns to thousands of people and worked with both print and design agencies. But these successes are a result of the lessons I learnt from those times that I failed. 
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