Save the date card for Dalek and R2D2 wedding

I created this save the date card for my wedding. My (now) wife is a massive Dr Who fan, and (like all self respecting geeks) love Star Wars. It was a perfect match!

Stories. Watching them, reading them or telling them - it doesn't matter. I've built a career around them; creating narratives to inspire people to think, to feel and to do.
We all use stories to help us make sense of our world and to share that understanding with others. I love storytelling because it's about bringing people together.
My own experiences have given me a stage to tell stories through writing, pictures and film. Giving me the ability to relay complex and technical information in a fun, creative and engaging way.
I learnt to tell stories working in the finance sector. Trust me - it's not that interesting. So I had to learn to communicate in ways which make people stand up and pay attention.
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