The proof is in the pudding. So instead of simply telling you what I can do, it's a lot easier if I just show you. Take a look at the different snap shots. There might just be something in there that surprises you!
Photoshop isn't just for retouching photos
Mac vs Windows? I'm happy on either
I can animate with Animate
Diverse Project Management experience
I'm a creative writer
I write in plain English
MS Office? - I excel
It's not hard to stay focused with my digital SLR
I'm a certified fraud examiner
I've launched internal social platforms to 1000s of people
Please don't ask me to sing. You'll hate it
I love telling stories
I've got a full UK driving license
I'm an experienced illustrator
I've always had an active imagination
I can turn my hand to InDesign
I'm a stickler for detail
I've worked with industry leaders
Let's talk about comms
I can shoot and edit video
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